Andy Sentgeorge

Here are just a few recent real life situations MORE was able to help resolve for our buyer clients.

Client: Kathy Blystone

“Kathy Blystone was on a tight schedule after going under contract with her home and Cary very quickly. She had very specific requirements of ( I believe 7-10 acres ). They wanted to have enough room to spread out their family. Unique requirements to accommodate her daughter/husband and their child, plus another child of Kathy’s. They also had the goal of being as debt free as possible. A lot of land, a lot of space, and a small budget. Sydney was relentless at going through our MLS and also considering areas a little outside of the box and a little further from town. No distance was too far to find their family the perfect home. They settled in Bear Creek, an area our team had never worked before. With little knowledge of the area, the team partnered with the listing agent and began researching the area. Making sure they had reputable inspection companies, information about the area, and that all the things were lined up for a smooth transition. They negotiated the inspection report and got almost everything asked for and accounted for on the inspection report. Receipts, follow up, everything tied up in a bow for the new homeowners. Kathy’s daughter also had some exotic fish that they were extremely nervous about moving from Cary to Bear Creek, an almost hour drive. The team researched Pet companies and found a fish and reptile expert who created a flawless executable plan to get the fish to their new location safe and sound and acclimated. They also negotiated with the seller to allow the fish to make the trip a little early so they could accumulate to the new location. The fish are still doing fine. Even after the homeowners had moved in-the water heater blew within the first week and their negotiated home warranty which was paid by the seller covered them and they had a brand new one installed the same week.”

Client: Crystal and Dennis Satterwhite

“This young family with 2 kids dreamed of being the first home owners in their family. They wanted to use their hard earned income to purchase a home they could be comfortable and also grow in. They had unique requirements of a large lot, space for the kids to run and grow, but were working with a limited budget. They were also extremely handy and not afraid of a little sweat equity. Buyers agent searched the MLS for properties that would meet their requirements. They also set them up with Movement Mortgage. Sydney found them a foreclosure property and researched all documentation needed to submit a good offer for bank acceptance. The bank had very specific requirements and a less than 25 day closing schedule. Movement Mortgage came through and prepared all documentation and got us to closing within the agreed upon time. The team worked directly with the REO team, bank, mortgage company and buyers to ensure this family would get the home of their dreams, even negotiating the water being turned on by the county so their FHA inspector could pass the house for the loan-which was normally not a requirement of a bank owned property. They kept everything organized and in order to get to closing, including coordinating outside attorneys and notaries to ensure compliance with the Bank. More team is excited for these new home owners and their future in what they believe is their forever home.”