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it’s all about the details

We stand above others with quality staging and presentation paired with our supreme attention to detail. Boxing up your life and moving to a new place can make the most patient of us lose our cool. We’ve been there, too many times to count. While we can’t save you from all the stress and the angst of this transition, we can and will help you make it a smoother one. There is so much more to selling a home than just putting it online with a lot of photos. Whatever it takes to not just sell your home, but make it manageable for you, MORE will do it.

MORE offers a full service approach to helping our clients sell their homes. From staging and landscaping advice, professional photography and videography, custom one of a kind marketing campaigns designed to generate immediate interest in your home, and spreading the word, which goes well beyond the MLS. We utilize every portal buyers use to search for homes in the area, as well as reach out to our vast database of potential local buyers and relocating clients.

MORE has sold 87 properties at an average of 99.4% of listed price, compared to 97.4% market average & only 24 days on the market, compared to 78 days on the market average for the area.



You won’t even realize that we are starting this process during our first conversation. Not only do we need to find out about you, your goals, hopes, dreams, motivations, constraints and timeframes, we will also need to dig into your house. We learn every advantage of your property, the community, the street, all of it, so we can not only price your home fairly but craft a profile of your ideal buyer. And, we scrutinize the other homes for sale that are like yours – after all, your buyer will look at them too.

After all of this, we will go over everything with you. We will also give you our honest opinion about pricing and how soon you need to start packing. At this point, you will have everything you need to get started.

Step Two:


Getting your home ready for the market is more than painting everything “Agreeable Grey” and hiding the dog dishes. We will walk you through the entire transaction process to prepare you for this journey. It’s not always as fun as it looks on TV.

We’ve got other professionals to help you prepare your house for sale. Because we know that current buyers have crazy expectations, we send out our designer to walk you through some simple tweaks to showcase the best features of your home inside and out. Once you get your honey-do list completed, our media and marketing folks take it from there.

Preparing your home for sale can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’ve got somebody for everything. We help you clean, prep and stage your property, and then craft a compelling, visually stunning narrative designed to appeal to just the right buyer.

Step Three:


If you’ve gotten to this point with our team, you’re in for a treat – a lot of our clients fall in love with their home all over again when they see how we market it. The pictures, the story, the presentation just makes you want to live there. We spread the word about your property, strategically and intelligently, and in all the right places.

In order to maximize exposure to the buyer pool, we start hyping your home on our marketing channels before it’s ready to go live. During the listing, we publish a steady stream of material to draw that buyer into the lifestyle of your home.

Believe it or not, the most important (and most neglected) part of marketing is the follow up. We are tenacious in how we reach out to those that follow our yellow brick road. We know our marketing attracts buyers. We know because we talk to them. And, because our listings get 3x the number of showings as the competition.

Step Four:


We aggressively reach out to the agents who show your home to get more detailed feedback than they typically give. We engage in a conversation to overcome objections and offer possible solutions they might not have considered. All the while selling your home to elicit a strong offer.

We create a Pre-Showing package that is sent to the buyers agent when they schedule a showing. We help agents sell your home to their buyer.

Weekly accountability conversations with each of our sellers where we review the current status of the market and adjust strategy as applicable.

Step Five & Six:

Negotiating & Closing

Curious How We Measure Up?

We earn our sellers more money We sell our listings for an average of 99.4% of the asking price. Based on an average sales price of 400,000, we put 9,600 more in our seller’s pockets than the average agent in the Triangle. We save our Sellers time, which is money in their pocket. We sell our listings ____% faster than other agents do.


We have a team of professional decorators that we hire to review each of our listings. We have found that providing this service to our clients really helps to set their property apart from the rest of the current inventory. Our designers are fantastic at keeping up with current trends and are exceptional at showcasing the best features of your home. This translates to immediate visual appeal of your home in photos as well as during showings and open houses.

Wow, where do we start? Most agents let the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) syndication be the marketing engine for their listings. We find that approach to be akin to General Mill’s only marketing Cheerios inside the grocery store.

We pride ourselves on our all-in, full service approach to helping our clients sell their homes. In brief, this means staging and landscaping advice and help where needed, professional photography and videography, custom, one of a kind print campaigns designed to generate immediate interest in your home, and of course spreading the word via every means and channel we have access to, which goes well beyond the MLS. We utilize very portal buyers use to search for homes in the area on the web as well as reach out to our vast database of potential local buyers and relocating clients.

This is a little touch to answer directly, because it depends on who you hire to help you get your home sold. The current statistics in our market state that homes take an average of 78 days to sell but MORE’s listings sell in an average of 24 days, without sacrificing the final price. Our clients’ properties sell for an average of 99.4% of listed price when compared to 97.4% averages in our market. (Statistics provided from the MLS).

With technology being what it is, everyone has their own preferences for how they want to communicate, so we make sure we know precisely what yours are. If you prefer texts to phone calls, we’ll honor your wishes, except for the times where an actual phone or face-to-face conversation might be necessary. Our team is well trained in handling all the paperwork between all parties involved in the most efficient manner, and we’ll always keep you in the loop on anything that you need to read over or sign or approved before-hand, so you’ll know what to expect. In short – it is our job to ensure that you are aware of what’s going on every step of the way, but we’ll do it in a way that is not disruptive to your routine.

We utilize a paperless system called DotLoop for all of our forms. This allows you and us to respond to something without being tied to a face-to-face meeting. There are some situations where we will need “wet” signatures, but we’ll take care of coordinating those with as much notice as we can, so you don’t have to put your life on hold.

We pretty much take care of everything. We only get paid when your home sells. Our perspective is that wh en we agree to represent a seller, we will gladly invest our resources up front (decorator, photographer, measurements, marketing, etc.) because we are confident that we will be able to get your property sold within a reasonable amount of time.

That being said, there are a few things that we recommend to get your home prepared for the market that we do not pay for. These are things like a pre-inspection, physical repairs or upgrades that you may want to have done. We’ll be happy to discuss the details when we meet.

Of course. We accomplish this by paying for a consult with our professional decorators. They will meet with you at your home and go over any interior and exterior features that might benefit from sprucing up. At the end of the day, selling your home is a beauty contest. With all other things being equal, the home that looks and feels the best wins.

After our initial meeting and the subsequent review with our decorators, we will be happy to coordinate any and all updates or modifications you would like to have completed. Or at the very least, we will give you a list of great contractors and specialists you may want to use. This is all part of the “MORE” that we provide.

There are a ton of options for short-term rentals that we can help you with – furnished or not, with a pool and amenities or not, even rentals with parking for your boat. We have developed relationships with several local property managers specifically for that purpose.

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