Andy Sentgeorge

1408 Kimberly Drive – Making a Split-Level New Again

We love houses. We especially love those old low-slung split-level split-foyer ranchers…

Even more, we love to take apart those old funky homes, open up a few walls, give them a good scrubbing, modernize the systems, and then update the finishes. We don’t care if it’s been well maintained or full of mold, overgrown or freshly painted, we love the opportunity to make it new again.

The fact is, they don’t build split-level homes anymore (maybe for good reason). And if you can spruce them up a bit and update the systems of the home, they can offer a fantastic lifestyle opportunity. Plus, there are few things more disappointing than seeing an established neighborhood with modern McMansions wedged between the older homes.

So this is 1408 Kimberly Drive. Built in 1963, this 4 bedroom, 3 bath split level was a gem. Similar to a lot of homes in North Hills, the long time sellers of this home were ready to move on to other things. It was a well-loved home and other than the patina accumulated with years of living, the old gal was ready for a change.

This blog series is her story.

It looks NOTHING like this now!