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There is a natural pull in all of us to experience our own version of fine living. Fine living is not about price point, amenities or the part of town. It’s about what speaks to you. It’s about what makes you feel at peace inside.

The question people want answered is, can I live here and live “that” life? You know your own version of what that means. Our marketing provides answers to those questions.

We realize that people do not purchase a house, they invest in a lifestyle. We craft an excellent verbal and visual description that reaches your buyer on an emotional level. We want your buyer to begin to see themselves living in your home. By the time they get a chance to experience your home in person, they’re hooked.
We create a marketing program specifically for your home that shows buyers they can achieve their lifestyle in your home. And then we blast it to those buyers that are qualified and ready.
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We love to tell stories about our homes. Sure it’s important to point out the specs of a house, but your home offers a unique lifestyle. Stories deliver an emotional connection. Stories engage imagination. Stories sell homes.

It all starts with a conversation. Why do you love living in this home? What are you going to miss most? These are the threads that connect. Of course we add all of the specifics as well – you’ve got to hook them before you can reel them in.

The rest of the story is all editing and publishing – crafting the context and getting the word out. We are excited about telling the story of your home to the next owner.


Step Two:


There’s a reason people get dressed up for a big event – when it matters, you want to look your best. How your home looks matters. We are fantastic at presenting your home to the next buyer in such a way that they will fall in love with it before they even step foot across the threshold.

World Class Photography: Beautiful photography is our standard. We showcase the variety of lifestyles by bringing out the finest details and highlighting the best views.

Professional Presentation: Buyers appreciate experiencing your home from the comfort of their own. The video walkthrough opens your home to the broadest audience.

Virtual 3D Tours: This feature is the closest to being there in person. We find that people scan the tour over and over as they think about placement of their own furniture.

Custom Designed Print Materials: Each of our listings get a custom designed brochure provided to those that take a tour. We utilize a polished modern style and professional printing.

Stunning Property-Specific Website: With over 90% of home searches initiated online, we ensure that your home will be found in the top of every desktop or mobile search.

Step Three:


We have a vast network  – Local, National, International, & Luxury – that we are able to leverage with our marketing. For every listing, we are committed to getting the word out about your property sale. In addition to our network, outbound sales calls are made by both our team and a dedicated full-time representative to surrounding owners and residents introducing them to the listing opportunity and generating buyer interest.

Buyers: Our expansive and rapidly growing network of buyer contacts will receive visually appealing online marketing about your listing. We track buyer interest and location religiously.

Media & Industry: We maintain a thorough list of media and industry contacts to help insure maximum exposure for your listing.

Realtors: We have carefully curated a Realtor network – both locally and worldwide – that is categorized by their typical buyer price points and neighborhoods.

Step Four:


On average, each listing we feature is seen by over 20,000 sets of eyes, with about a 10% rate of actual engagement. What does that mean for you? Mass exposure for your home.

We understand people don’t necessarily go to social to buy a home, but we know the people who are buying homes are on social for hours per day. Through these campaigns, we’ve built a massive database of prospective buyers who are at various stages of the buying process and are seeking listing updates. We also have a portfolio of investors and developers who follow us on social and that we’ve worked with frequently in the past.

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