Small town living at its best

The Neighbors: Wake Forest tends to be a little more working class than snooty and the atmosphere is friendly and active. Because of its Baptist history, the folks in Wake Forest tend to be conservative and protective of their lifestyle.

What to Expect: Charming Country Town feel, just minutes from the Raleigh area.

The Lifestyle: The lifestyle in Wake Forest is active and family oriented. Heritage has an award winning golf course, and there is fishing, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding on nearby Falls Lake & the Neuse River. Wake Forest offers a true small town life.

You'll Fall in Love with: If you’re from anywhere outside of North Carolina, you’ll be amazed at how much home you can get for your money in Wake Forest.

More about Wake Forest:

Now considered a bedroom community to Raleigh and the greater Triangle area, the Town of Wake Forest still provides the flavor and charm of everything great about  small town living. Over the past several years Wake Forest has grown exponentially, while still “keeping one foot in a wonderfully preserved past and another foot in a prosperous and thriving future.” If you are looking for a great place to live, you will find numerous residential options in Wake Forest, and you will thoroughly enjoy the continual discovery of great things to do in this small town.

With a population of over 35,000, Wake Forest is continuing to play a strong role in the steady growth recognized nation-wide in the Triangle. The home to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, the community has stayed true to its rich heritage and academic history. Wake Forest offers a vibrant downtown where residents enjoy eateries like Backfins Crab House and White Street Brewing Company. The Town sponsors numerous festivals, and there is fabulous boutique shopping and a vibrant local art scene.

The Neighborhoods

Wake Forest is a stand alone town with a historic downtown and all the sorts of gridded streets one might expect. In recent years developments like Heritage, Jones Dairy Farm, and Austin Creek have sprung up. These neighborhoods offer resort style amenities and built-in community that is easy to sell. Wake Forest offers a ton of bang for your buck and the area is continuing to grow and expand.