Diverse. Historic Meets Modern Meets Redevelopment.

The Neighbors: Professionals and their families, and lots of retired folks who have been living in the same house for thirty years.

What to Expect: Lots of boutique shops and hole-in-the-wall eateries in this original suburb of Raleigh. Beautiful bungalows and huge estate homes, with a variety of architectural styles.

The Lifestyle: Life in downtown Raleigh is an acquired taste - equal parts genuinely friendly neighbors and nattering nabobs. The local dives are as crusty as everywhere else in Raleigh, and are flooded with starched businessmen and hipster students sitting elbow to elbow.

You'll Fall in Love with: The proximity to lots of great eating and shopping areas gives this group of neighborhoods the feel of small town living.

More about Five Points:

There are several unique neighborhoods that make up the Five Points area. The National Park Service (believe it or not!) has a great history of this area as there are several neighborhoods within Raleigh that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including Glenwood-Brooklyn. The focal point of Five Points is the local business district located at the intersection of Glenwood Ave and Whitaker Mill Road.

The Neighborhoods

This area was one of the first suburbs of Raleigh, and parts date to the 1900’s. These include Hayes Barton, Bloomsbury, Vanguard Park, Roanoke Park, Georgetown, and the historic Glenwood-Brooklyn. The Hayes Barton area is stately and grand. Georgetown and Roanoke Park have a lot of shotgun shacks and small bungalows, although some have lots over 300’ deep. The other neighborhoods contain an eclectic mix of bungalows and Queen Anne style, with a variety of craftsman and colonial thrown in for good measure. The area has always been popular due to it’s location, and it has evolved tremendously over the past 100 years. There are fantastic examples of renovations and expansions that have retained the look and charm of the original home, but there are just as many homes that have been demolished and replaced with a modern McMansion.

This area is generally bounded by Anderson Dr to the north, Capital Blvd and Peace St to the south, and Oberlin Rd to the west.

Our Favorite Five Points Places

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
Our go-to pizza joint Lilly’s
Our favorite hair repair place Mark Christopher Salon
Our pub Big Boss Brewing
Our bar and grill High Park