Andy Sentgeorge

Agency? Huh?

“Agency” is the term used by the NC Real Estate Commission to describe how real estate agents represent their clients. Simple, right?

MORE Real Estate Group - Working with Real Estate AgentsSo to make sure that all of our clients area fully informed, we’ve attached a copy of the brochure that the NCREC provides, called Working with Real Estate Agents. Real estate agents are required to go over this information with a prospective client prior to substantial conversations about real estate. As agents, we are required to keep a signed copy of this document in our files for seven years – it should seem obvious to you at this point that the NCREC takes this conversation pretty seriously…

(link to Working with Real Estate Agents brochure)

Just to wrap it up, an easy way to get the picture of agency is to think about it like a basketball game. When an agent represents you exclusively, they are kind of like your coach – during the real estate transaction, they feed you all of the tricks and secrets they’ve gained through their experience in order for you to be successful. When an agent is acting in a “dual agency” role, they move into the category of referee – they keep the game moving legally and ensure that there is no funny business. A referee can certainly help you win the game, but it’s much less intimate than the relationship you would have with a coach.

Now, to be clear, there are additional terms like “designated agency” and “subagent” that are important in a supremely legal standpoint. Unfortunately, I don’t have any cool analogies that can help you to comprehend the legalese. However, I am confident that every member of our team can answer all the questions you may have about this engaging topic.

Last, it is helpful to understand that the agents (and most of the staff) on our team are licensed real estate agents. This licensure is pretty hard to obtain and requires constant education and perpetual oversight. It is incredibly unlikely that someone would risk their license – the foundation of their livelihood – with trying to cheat a client by subverting the concepts in this material. We are committed to protecting the public. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional real estate consulting services. We are passionate about creating an unforgettable real estate experience for you. Welcome to MORE Real Estate.