Students, Professors and Artists share this walkable and at times loud place...

The Neighbors: Young professionals and small families. Most people are in a band, are professional artists, or want to be when they grow up.

What to Expect: It’s safe to say that a lot of people associated with the higher learning institutions, as well as those with a soft spot for college lifestyle live in this area. While not overrun with students parking all over the place, these are very active communities both, day and night.

The Lifestyle: It’s nice to have the option to walk to the local pizza joint on a Friday night or to bicycle to one of the hottest shopping destinations around. This area is also on the outskirts of the R-Line bus service that brings the downtown amenities that much closer.

You'll Fall in Love with: The Wade/Hillsborough area is a bit “urban lite” - it seems to be a combination of the best features of suburbia and downtown living. While it has its share of chain establishments, this area highlights the fact that Raleigh is really a one of a kind city.

More about Wade & Hillsborough:

North Carolina State University and Meredith College are the predominant features of this area. There are the usual college hangout businesses along Hillsborough Street, but there are several other destination hot spots that make this a highly desirable place to live. The area surrounding Cameron Village, the very first shopping mall in the US, has a wide variety of living options. It is truly a walkable community, and the specialty local businesses keep it humming from dawn to whenever.

Wade & Hillsborough Neighborhoods

Moving southward from the larger lots in Sunset Hills, where the feel is almost suburban, the communities South of Wade Avenue begin to have that college town flavor. Neighborhoods such as Ridgewood, Wilmont, Forest Hills, Fairground Park, Bedford Heights, Fairmont, and Cameron Park have fairly high values and are mostly single family. Townhomes and condos are the norm in Cameron Village and then lots of multifamily dwellings appear as you approach Hillsborough Street, most of which is fairly pricey.

This area is generally bounded by Lake Boone Tr to the North, Hillsborough St to the South, Oberlin Rd to the East and the Inner Beltline (I440) to the West.