Andy Sentgeorge

A MORE Intentional Company

Welcome to our blog. About a year ago, we paused- took a step back, and realized what an amazing business we have built. We have been blessed to work in the Raleigh market with some of the best clients we could have ever asked for. Business continued to come in, however we felt it was a good time to really push to be able to give MORE of ourselves. A give more get more attitude was born and we were all in. After making a few changes, creating a laser focused business and outreach plan and partnering with some outside heavy hitters, we dove in, head-first into a powerful new journey in our business.

The recipe for so much success in our company is the relationship between Andy and myself. He is the jovial, free-spirit, with intense marketing ability and a fun and whimsical way about him. The yin to his yang is my hard drive, assertive nature and sales mentality, creating a perfect balance. We are both crazy results-focused and are here to serve our clients. Together, we’ve been an unstoppable force. After taking pause, we decided to really nurture our respective talents, focus more time in areas that we excel and bring in some added support services to grow our company even further.

Our brand now embodies the give more get more attitude. We want to give in everything we do and we want our clients to gain. We feel empowered, as business owners, to partner more with local companies that provide excellent services including marketing, advertising, art, food, pottery, pet care, event planning and so much more. Our belief is that incorporating these experts into our work, clients will further benefit, and our community will thrive. We are committed to being transparent in our journey and letting you see behind the scenes the work that we are doing- because it is great!

Our new and MORE intentional focus on our brand really rounds out a happy and balanced company. Culture is so important to us and feeling true purpose behind what we do is something we strive for every day. We are thrilled with the market that Raleigh and all of the submarkets in the Triangle, including Durham, Cary, Wake Forest and Chapel Hill, are experiencing; the exceptional growth and progression, and we are dedicated to etching the MORE brand into the fabric of the community. We are thankful you are coming along for the ride.

Cheers to prosperity!
Cathy Sentgeorge