Andy Sentgeorge

Need some Real Estate help?

G0010740 DuskywingEach of us has a different contact level with real estate. Most of us will only ever be concerned with the factors affecting the value of our own home. However, many of us are in the business of developing raw land into livable space. There is a wide variety of information sources available to evaluate real estate, whatever your level of need.

From being able to evaluate and compare local schools to gaining valuable insight into federal lending programs, this resource should be of benefit to you. For those of us that are more involved in the planning and political aspects of community development as well as the heads-up needed for local actions, this blog will be available to reference.

This blog will attempt to provide timely and vital real estate information for real estate professionals, as well as individual home buyers and sellers. It is connected to the real estate brokerage business of Cathy Sentgeorge as well as the land development company Four Rivers Development, a local development and consulting firm.

This is not intended to be the most comprehensive database of real estate knowledge. However, we peruse many sources and are connected to numerous resources you may not be aware exist. This resource is here to record the info requested by our current clients as well as for those who are just passing through. Either way, enjoy and be enlightened.