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Sneak Peek at Homes that are Almost Ready for the Market

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Do you really want to duke it out in a multiple offer situation for your dream home?

There is a better way to purchase a home. Get in front of the market by staying informed of homes that are not quite ready to be put on the market.

In the course of our home selling process, we always have several homes that just aren’t quite ready to put on the market. Frequently, there are opportunities to purchase these homes before they even get that far. In a lot of ways this is really a win-win situation. We can help a home seller avoid the hassle of numerous showings and contentious negotiations, and an excited buyer can negotiate in good faith without the pressures of rushing and multiple offers. At the end of the day, MORE Real Estate is committed to matching qualified home buyers with motivated home sellers, and then leading both through the transaction process smoothly and efficiently. We do more.

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