Welcome aboard!

On behalf of MORE Real Estate we’d like to express how excited we are to have you as a valued client! It can feel like the details are endless when you’re selling a property. It is our job to streamline the process for you, ensuring everything is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here’s an overview of the steps we’ll be taking along the way.

What happens next?

Step One:

Listing paperwork

explain • sign
and expenses

Step Two:

Pre-Launch Activities

timeline • property history • pre-inspection
& repairs and more

Step Three:

Go live

thursday • open house •
property site and more

Step Four:

On the market

follow up • accountability • advertising
• adjustments and checkups

Step Five:

The offer

notification • receipt • due diligence •
contingencies • negotiation and more

Step Six:

contract to

Step Seven:

Due diligence period

activities • checks • listing status •
communication • buyer process and more

Step Eight:


scheduling • inspections • radon • repair
request • report language and more

Step Nine:

After due diligence

finish packing • move out date • terminate
insurance • shut off utilities and more

Step Ten:

Settlement & Closing

warning • settlement • closing