Andy Sentgeorge

The Cart before the Horse

Client: Brek & Jennifer Williams

When you fall in love, everything changes. However, the laws of nature (real estate) favor the orderly and the prepared. Lesson: If you have a house to sell and you can’t afford two mortgages, be careful about going house hunting until you’re confident that you can sell your old house.

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Jennifer found our website like most people do – perusing the internet looking for great homes. The problem was that she found one. And she had to have it. With most internet contacts we have to spend a little time getting the context of their particular situation – absolutely every person is unique and special. With this one, it was clear that there was a huge problem that she just didn’t understand – Jennifer had to sell her McMansion in the suburbs in order to realize her dream of moving back to the urban core. Fortunately, she had hooked up with MORE.

The truth is, the neighborhood they were moving from was fairly large and was generally attractive to lots of home buyers. When you price a home competitively and market it well, it just comes down to negotiation skills and tenacity in order to get a home sold for the most net to your clients. We agreed to take on the job – this should have been a smooth one…right.

Part of what we offer at MORE is professional staging and handyman services – often just a honey-do list of rearranging and touch-up painting. Sometimes it requires a bit more. From resolving an unpermitted attic space problem to balancing the timing on both the sales and the buy contracts, this one was one for the record books. All in, sold and purchased in about 60 days.

From their 5-Star Zillow Review:

We moved from Wake Forest and were looking inside the beltline with limited local knowledge. Cathy and her team were exactly what we were looking for. Terrific local knowledge, great listening skills, GREAT negotiation skills when needed (and we needed them) and great resources at her disposal.

Cathy’s husband Andy was also very involved and proved very helpful through the inspection process.

You are getting a TEAM of professionals when you work with Cathy. I highly recommend giving her a call if you are in the market….or think you might be.