Andy Sentgeorge




  • We hold ourselves accountable to our clients by consistent and clear communication.
  • We are proactive in our communication – you will always know what happens next. We leave the imagination out of it by keeping you informed of the next steps.
  • We will talk to you at least every week throughout the entire process. We understand that no news is (usually perceived as) bad news. Typically, there will be lots of email/text/phone correspondence in the very beginning, but then once your home goes on the market you are left wondering. We won’t let the wondering happen.
  • We will respond to your email/text/call same day.
  • We view email as a way to transfer information, and calls/texts as ways to build relationships. However, we will ask you how you like to communicate and will do our best to respond as you prefer (warning: smoke signals may be restricted at certain times of the year).




  • We are passionately dedicated to serving both your spoken and unspoken needs. We get that there’s always context.
  • We are a results-driven company, and understanding what “results” means to you is paramount.
  • We insist on a customized one-on-one customer experience. We know that you will remember this process – good or great – for a lifetime. We prefer to provide great memories.




  • Our systems are vital so that we can assure that no balls are dropped. We’re also able to meet your needs even before you realize you have them.
  • We are a systems driven company. We are super at managing your listing because we let our systems drive the process – we are offensive versus defensive.
  • Consistent use of systems = confidence in what is going to happen next. This is the core of our company culture.




  • We can see around the corner. We are ultra-proactive and we are able to prevent problems from killing the deal.
  • We bulletproof the transaction for our clients. Things happen, but we are prepared for every single one.




  • If we’re not performing to your level of satisfaction, you can fire us.
  • Every aspect of our work is an open book.
  • We can predict the end result by closely observing each task along the way and being accountable to our systems.


Aggressive Marketing


  • Every marketing piece we produce is designed to grab a buyer for a listing. Our brand is secondary. The fact is, we get paid to sell homes, so we market them to targeted audiences versus just trying to attract the masses to our websites.
  • We have active lead capture systems in order to connect with potential buyers. We realize that forced registration makes most lookers jump, but we also know that the ones that give us their contact info might just be “the one”.
  • Our marketing leads people down the yellow brick road…straight to your listing. All of our systems are designed to attract and encourage further investigation. This is a little bit of our secret sauce, but it’s so simple and obvious.




  • Every member of our team has a specific role based on their talents and personality profile. Our clients love the teamwork aspect. Teams work – after all, you wouldn’t want your pilot to serve you peanuts right before landing, right?
  • Our clients consistently say that MORE goes the distance for them. We are simultaneously real estate advisors, creative geniuses, world class negotiators, fire jugglers and the after-hours elephant parade cleanup crew.
  • Throughout the process, you will interact with many of our team members. However, you will have a conversation with your listing agent at least every Monday to rest assured that there is zero confusion and that your needs are being taken care of completely. We take great care in guiding you through the entire process.
  • Our collective knowledge in real estate, construction, finance, and design provides our clients with a comprehensive and comfortable experience. What this means to you – professional support and strategic advice in the face of a shifting real estate market.
  • This team model benefits our clients by enabling them to make solid decisions that result in quick, financially sound transactions.