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Valentine’s Day

Everything you see about Valentine’s Day seems to be about the sweet, the beautiful, and the romantic…marketing obviously geared toward the fairer sex. Since we’re all about the “MORE,” we thought that it might be interesting to explore Valentine’s Day from a different perspective. 

The Pressure Is On

Do guys like and appreciate Valentine’s Day, or is the observance more of a hassle? American culture tends to project the assumption that men are more likely to forget the day than not.

While this may be true (I will never admit to forgetting!), there really shouldn’t be any excuse to miss it – Valentine’s Day “specials” abound everywhere!

But man, the pressure to get it right can be daunting!!



We decided to poll successful local men to get a more masculine perspective on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few local “specials” that you may be interested in for you and your special someone.

For Sports Lovers

A romantic date at a minor league baseball game may not occur to you at first, but let me explain. Baseball is a very relaxing experience, and there’s lots of time to snuggle. Carolina Mudcats Valentine’s Day Special. This one is probably not for the masses, but I’d give it 4 “Winks” out of 5.

Now this one is a no-brainer! The Carolina Hurricanes actually have a game on Valentine’s Day! (And, since we’re just about halfway through this season, you can have weekly dates for the next few months!) And we can’t forget about the Stadium Series game coming up in a couple of weeks. Truthfully, games are loud and you’ve got to pay rapt attention to the game, but since it’s cold inside the arena you could keep each other warm. It would be hard to describe taking a date to a hockey game as “romantic”… 

Unless you love a true hockey fan and/or enjoy watching grown men rough it up, I’d have to give this idea 3 “Biting Lips” out of 5

Lip Biting EmojiLip Biting EmojiLip Biting Emoji

Sweets For Your Sweetie

This is what you’ve been looking for! Our area is flush with several
great chocolatiers
. Forget the corner-store heart-shaped box of stale sugar. Take your date to one of these shops and immerse yourself in a sumptuous chocolate experience!

And picking up a few morsels for later is a sure guarantee to extend the memories…

Even though you could have probably seen this suggestion coming, there’s a reason chocolate is connected to Valentine’s Day – it just works! Gotta give this list 5 “Googly Eyes” out of 5.

Tried and True

Flowers and Cards are no-brainers for Valentine’s Day. WRAL has a solid list of places to check out depending on your level of pre-planning. We’ve found the selection of cut flowers at Whole Foods to be pretty and well-stocked, and they seem to last a good while.

Wherever you decide to pick up your dozens, just make sure to get them wrapped in fancy paper with a bow – hint: the attendants will do it for you! And remember, the expression of love to your honey doesn’t come from the mere “purchasing.” You’ve got to put a little thought into the color, fragrance, and style…show that you’ve been thinking about the moment you’ll be handing them to her (or him).

For something more practical that lasts – check out our recommendations for houseplants!

5 “Cool Looks” out of 5

A Little Out Of The Ordinary

If you’re interested in something a little different this Valentine’s Day, how about testing your relationship skills with a Scavenger Hunt in downtown Raleigh?

This would have been super cool if you knew about it (maybe next year?) – these local folks renovated an old home and offer a fantastic Supper Club dinner experience. 

Or, if you could use a few laughs (and seriously, who among us couldn’t?) check out the Valentine’s Day Comedy Show with Pat McGann.

Any one of these options should rate 5 out of 5 “smiling hearts.”


To Wrap Things Up

At MORE Real Estate, we love what we do! We truly care about our clients and we go the extra mile to show that every day. Hopefully, you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day blog. Let us know if you give any of these options a go! Or if we missed something you think we should know about for next year, please share it with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!