Cathy Sentgeorge

I Killed A Cactus! Top 8 Houseplants For Beginners

Dead cactus

Cactus killer on the loose! Lessons from a Beginner Houseplant Owner   This past summer, I received a thoughtful gift from Andy. We love to travel out west so Andy bought me a beautiful flowering cactus to remind me of our trips. I perched it on my desk at home […]

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Raleigh ITB Homes for Sale

      Are you considering purchasing a home Inside the Beltline (ITB)? You’re not alone! The residential neighborhoods in the historic suburbs of downtown Raleigh are unique and special. We hope that you enjoy getting to know the individual flavor and charm of each of these areas through the […]

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Bad list to be on

've been thinking. Everyone with a voice is in a rush to predict the next market trend. Unfortunately, the market conditions of the past few years have tenderized our outlooks and we are desperate for direction. Let’s be careful to not create harm to a community by projecting our own perspective onto it or by over - interpretation of data.

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Have You Looked Around the Corner? The debate between buying new construction in the flashy new development or the lovingly-cared-for classic in the established neighborhood (Part 1 of many)

I love that automobile commercial that shows a couple standing in cyber-space and groups of cars come flashing back and forth depending on the options they choose, as they narrow their choices down to the right vehicle for their family – a perfect mix of legroom for dad and sassy […]

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Have You Looked Around the Corner? (Part 2)

New Construction versus Established Neighborhood – Case Study As a home buyer, you have many options. You might consider having your dream home built specifically for you, with your “exact specifications” and “desires customized to your tastes.” It certainly sounds good – where do i sign?!?! Home buyers today must […]

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Myth of the Back-to-the-City Migration

Interesting article today in the WSJ (The Myth of the Back-to-the-City Migration) about the “strength” of the condo market. I really like the perspective – urban planning is more than providing hip glitz close to the heart of the city. The condo bust should provide a cautionary tale for developers, […]

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